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''The Gamblers'' blueprint has been created as a tribute to everyone being a part of the community and re-defining the present moment.

It addresses a common fud reference to crypto art, cryptocurrencies and NFTs as simply being an act of gambling.

The blueprint includes 297 unique editions and 2 legendary editions.

Go the extra mile. It's never crowded.


                                                                                View the collection here:

The ''Money Laundering'' blueprint is an artistic act of adding value in the age of devaluation.


It is a response to money laundering often being considered connected to NFT space and art in particular.


It consists of 270 unique 1/1 artworks featuring well-known characters and sayings, 2 legendary editions included.


Welcome, all of you beautiful cult members capitalist money launderers in the space. Making Money Is Art.

The collection sold out within hours from the public sale start.

The collection on the secondary market can be explored through the below Opensea link

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